Why did IDDBA decide to do charcuterie certification at this year’s show?

Providing industry education to our member companies is part of IDDBA’s daily work.  Our What’s In Store annual trends reporting and our Webinar series define future consumer trends that stimulate business growth and a competitive edge for our member companies.

IDDBA recognized charcuterie art was growing and consumers were ready and waiting to have charcuterie at the center of their favorite celebrations.

IDDBA realized the need for this growing category to have an industry-wide recognition for those who have a deep understanding of the origins, flavor profiles, merchandising, and selling components of this growing deli segment.  With the support of our board of directors and commitment from experts in the industry, exam questions were written and reviewed with great attention to detail and to reflect the intricacies of charcuterie product.

Offering personal and professional development is another IDDBA purpose. It was easy to have this purpose and our trends work intersect to create the IDDBA Charcuterie Professional Certification: Salumiere Exam.

Even with the disruption of 2020 and 2021, we knew this was important to continue.  We graduated our inaugural class of 14 Certified Salumieres.


What new directions does IDDBA see charcuterie going in in the coming years?

We anticipate the category will continue to grow with the increase in food board trendiness and as more and more people experiment with pairings and enjoy the versatility of the product.  Charcuterie is a great option whether enjoying a quiet night at home or an evening of entertainment with friends and family, it is suited to any occasion.   Adding IDDBA Certified Salumieres to retail and sharing knowledge with interested consumers will only aid in continuing this growth.

As families and friends come back together charcuterie creations will continue to be the centerpiece. Making occasions special are more important than ever.  Whether the consumer picks a charcuterie board up ready to go or their favorite meats, cheeses, fruits and nuts, charcuterie is here to stay.


Other than charcuterie, what are some of the other highlights of this year’s show?

We are excited to bring our member, exhibitor, and retail audiences back together June 5-7 in Atlanta. We recently released our lineup of main stage speakers and guests which includes a Monday night special Tim McGraw show.

Attendees can expect to see the newest products and trends come to life on the show floor. Favorites such as the new product showcase and What’s In Store Live will be back. The Visionary Pavilion, new for 2022, will enable small business to showcase their innovative and trend setting products. 

IDDBA 2022 will bring an array of the latest technologies and digital options to the show floor and of course an amazing line up of keynotes will take the stage.

Our organic, natural and plant-based section is already proven to be a sought-after attraction.

The myIDDBA app is available to download. This year-round resource is available for download. Both IDDBA show resources and IDDBA member resources can be accessed through the app. Members and those in the industry are encouraged to follow us on our social channels for updates.