NEW YORK — A little over 54% of US consumers bought groceries online in the past 12 months, down 4.7% from the year before.

That’s among the findings in Coresight Research’s US Online Grocery Survey 2022: Assessing Trends in Shopper Behavior, Quick Commerce and Meal Kits.

The study also found that the proportion of respondents who expect to buy groceries online in the next 12 months dropped by 2.6%compared to last year’s findings.

“Although the proportion of shoppers who shopped online in the last 12 months declined compared to 2021, we saw a slight increase in the size of the subset doing ‘most’ or ‘all or almost all’ of their grocery shopping online —up 3.6 PPTs to 28.3%,” according to Coresight. “This indicates that the online channel now captures a meaningful share of full -basket grocery shoppers.”

The company’s trend data suggest that the proportion of Amazon Prime members who buy groceries on Amazon is trending downward, with a 1.6% drop in the latest survey period, indicating that Prime members are increasingly drifting away from purchasing groceries through Amazon.

Among online grocery shoppers, 48.2% reported that they collect their orders —up 5.2% from last year and reversing a prior multiyear drift toward delivery.

“We have seen a widescale adoption of grocery pickup services by retailers and consumers trying to circumvent transportation delays and higher delivery fees and surcharges.”