MANCHESTER, U.K. — Brioche industry leader St Pierre Bakery has expanded its footprint in Costco stores in California.

Thirty of Costco’s 59 stores in the retailer’s Los Angeles division are now carrying St Pierre products. In 2021, St Pierre began supplying 57 Costco stores in the San Francisco Bay Area.

With the expansion, Costco is now one of St Pierre’s largest customers on the West Coast. Both California divisions offer a twin-packed 6 count of St Pierre’s best-selling Brioche Burger Buns. The Bay Area stores also offer a twin-packed 6 count of St Pierre Brioche Hot Dog Rolls.

“Our business with Costco is going from strength-to-strength and is a key part of our growth plans for the next three years,” said David Wagstaff, St Pierre’s vice president for North America. “It’s an incredible achievement for a brand in its relative infancy and testament to the work we have done in building St Pierre in America.” 

Since launching in May 2021, sales of St Pierre in Costco are up 56% and the brand boasts an average fill rate of 98%, despite disruptions to the supply chain that have left many suppliers struggling to meet customer expectations. 

“It’s also a great example of how we work in collaboration with our retail partners, to ensure that we are offering the right products in a relevant format,” Wagstaff said. “The twin-pack offering is something we currently only do for Costco – because it works for their shoppers. We have invested in making St Pierre work for Costco, making the brand available across various trade channels and to go above and beyond for our customers.”