FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. — COVID and inflation are among the many factors having an impact on food trends, according to Shifting Sands Forecast: Trends Shaping the Food Industry in 2022/23, a new report from consultancy Culinary Tides Inc., which also features insights from consultancy Menu Matters.

The report is a cross-analysis of 237 prediction lists for 2022 put forth by 187 industry experts.  In all, more than 1,600 individual predictions were evaluated for their potential during the coming year, with only the most well-supported predictions included.
2022/23 predictions explore:

  • Government: cybersecurity, plant proteins, obesity, cognitive & immune function, cannabis
  • Technology: e-commerce, BOPIS, frictionless stores, robotics, packaging, cellular agriculture
  • Health: microbiome, cognitive function, protein plus, nootropics, immunity, cannabis
  • Consumers: phygital, transparency, invisibly healthy, path to purchase, reductarian
  • Beverage: zero proof, plant milk, regional global, waking up the senses, functional
  • Food: plant-based, global comeback, foodceuticals, animal/plant hybrids, automation
  • Travel: digital detox, climate neutral, dark travel, self-care, nomads, food trails 

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