The rack oven family of WP BAKERY GROUP will be complete at the IBA 2015: The ROTHOTERM GREEN saves up to 25% energy when compared to its predecessor model.

With the ROTOTHERM GREEN, optimum oven technology ensures both best baking quality and high energy efficiency. The circulating air flow is the same but the heat exchanger has been omitted, replaced by rearranged electric heating elements for better air flow. In combination with the WP THERMOPACKAGE insulation concept, energy consumption is reduced up to 25%.

The air is directed onto the baked goods over the entire jet wall.

The optimized air flow applies more energy on the dough pieces, shortening the baking time.

A powerful vapor device generates precise and constant temperatures with uniform distribution of heat and steam.

Options are available according to each bakery's needs and assortment of products.
WP THERMOGATE: a turbocharger for fast and economical batch-to-batch baking

WP VARIOPILOT: perfect adjustment of the circulating air (amount of air, air velocity, air temperature) to any kind of baked good for optimum browning. More air provides rapid heating, shorter baking times and more crispness. Reduced amounts of air allows for softer baking for moist baked goods.

The ROTOTHERM GREEN is controlled by the easy-to-operate WP NAVIGO II PROFI-CONTROL system. It allows for individual adjustment of temperature, air recirculation speed and steam. Linked with the optional WP OVEN-CONTROL, the oven can be accessed via a central computer for time and cost-saving control of recipes and the oven, for fault diagnosis, and remote maintenance.

WP INTELLIGENT ENERGY CONTROL (IEC): Energy savings for bakeries with baking breaks. During breaks, the software puts the oven in stand-by mode, reducing the oven temperature and heating it back to its target temperature in time for the next baking process.