Revent’s line of advanced baking ovens has been at the technological frontier for decades. Our latest innovation aims at perfecting this already high standard. Let us introduce the round oven.

This oven is groundbreaking in both shape and characteristics. By creating a round chamber, we made the oven slimmer and at the same time more powerful. It scores high in all important aspects such as baking quality, footprint and energy. But also in visibility, ergonomics, manoeuvrability, reliability, flexibility, profitability, durability and ease of installation and service. The simplicity proves itself from day one since anyone can operate it. Just plug and bake.

Revent intends to keep pushing the limits of what’s possible in baking technology, and this new energy efficient baking powerhouse is an example of our innovative leadership in the bakery equipment industry. Our ovens meet the increasingly tough requirements within the food industry – all while delivering smaller footprint and lower energy consumption using modern materials. 

The round chamber together with an intelligent 3-layered glass, fewer heat bridges and modern insulation leads to a minimum of energy waste. It uses less water and energy for baking, and the total life cycle energy consumption is minimized with fewer parts, less material and lower weight, creating less handling in the recycle process. 

We are proud to showcase this innovation at IBIE in Las Vegas on October 6-9. 

Product launch film: