With the end of summer vacations, parents, children and college students on the go are now getting back into the new school year routine. From homework, special projects to permission slips – families and students have enough to worry about.  Ready Pac Foods has released several simple, yet innovative, on-the-go snack options to its popular Snack Cups and Ready Snax offerings -- all perfect for school lunches and quick and healthy snacking.

For indulgent flavors with fewer calories, Ready Snax is an ideal solution for parents and students looking for easy and nutritious options. Ready Snax also offers a simple way to curb appetites and provide a boost of vitamins, all with fewer than 300 calories. They are available in six appetizing flavor combinations, including four brand new options appealing to palates of all maturities:

Caprese – a bold combination of grape tomatoes, mozzarella, toast chips and basil balsamic dressing at just 150 calories.

Apples, Yogurt & Trail Mix – a sweet blend of crisp apples, creamy yogurt and trail mix all for just 150 calories.

Caramel Apple Crisp – a decadent mix of apple slices, graham crackers, and praline pecans for only 220 calories.

Veggies, Hummus & Flatbread – a nutritious medley of carrots, celery, hummus and flatbread at 140 calories.

The new Snack Cup options provide a tasty, convenient and low calorie solution for snacking anytime and anywhere. With several bold flavor options, there is sure to be an option for everyone. Products include:

Antioxidant Berry Blend – a sweet and satisfying mix of strawberries and blueberries for only 40 calories.

Kickin’ Veggies with Buffalo Ranch – a tasty assortment of carrots, celery, broccoli and buffalo ranch dip at just 70 calories.

Protein Power – a protein packed combination of apple slices, celery, and peanut butter for only 200 calories.

Spinach Parmesan and Veggies – A wholesome blend of carrots, celery, broccoli, and spinach parmesan dip for just 120 calories.

“By offering parents and students a wider range of nutritious snacks to choose from, the new Ready Snax and Snack Cups will give parents confidence in selecting a better-for-you option,” said Tristan Simpson, Chief Marketing Officer at Ready Pac Foods. “When you’ve included a snack from Ready Pac, you know your kids and students on the go will enjoy a wholesome and delicious snack.”