Consumers continue to prioritize foods with clean labels. The survey “Clean Label Research” done by C+R and Lesaffre North America showed that 51% of consumers do not want mono- and diglycerides to be used in bread or baked good formulations. Enzymes provide an opportunity for bakers to remove unwanted ingredients from their labels such as mono- and diglycerides. To answer that need, Lesaffre developed its SafPro Star-Zyme MDG Replacer. 
“Star-Zyme MDG Replacer is an improver used to help enhance short-term softness specifically focusing on the first four days of shelf life,” said Sherrill Cropper, PhD, new product development lab manager, bakery formulator for Lesaffre. “This product was developed as a label-friendly alternative for mono- and diglyceride (MDGs) while providing additional softness and resilience. The benefits include lower usage level, easier dosing and handling at the mixer, especially when comparing to MDGs in the paste form.”

This blend of enzymes improves the short-term softness of bread and hamburger and hot dog buns while allowing bakers to reduce their usage of extended shelf life ingredients by 10% to 15%. Its easy-to-use powder form provides consistent results to reduce the burden on an unskilled workforce. The blend is certified kosher, Non-GMO, halal, vegan, and dairy- and egg-free. 

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