Grab-and-go meals continue to gain popularity as consumers look for fresh, easy food options at a reasonable price. To meet increased demand, delis need to find ways to improve efficiencies, since slicing and weighing deli meats and cheeses for pre-portioned packages can be labor-intensive.  

Hobart HS Series Portion Scale Slicers are designed to help streamline deli food production while taking the guesswork out of estimating product weight for each package. Find out more about these slicers with the answers to these frequently asked questions.  

What are the Hobart Portion Scale Slicers?

They are slicers and scales — all in one. The HS6-1PS manual slicer and the HS7-1PS automatic slicer feature an integrated precision scale to accurately weigh meats and cheeses. 

How do the slicers improve efficiency in the deli? 

The slicers provide instant weighing, eliminating the need to walk from the slicer to a separate scale to verify the weight of sliced product. This takes the guesswork out of weighing meats and cheeses and eliminates the time and labor to correct wrong estimates. Fewer trips behind the deli counter means reduced labor to create grab-and-go meals. Plus, employees can complete other tasks while the slicers are operating. 

How accurate are the Portion Scale Slicers? 

Both slicers can accurately weigh up to 10 pounds of product in increments of 0.01 pounds or 0.1 ounces.

Are the slicers easy to use, especially for newer deli employees? 

The HS6-1PS and the HS7-1PS slicers both feature uncomplicated, intuitive interfaces. They have a customizable touch-screen with speed keys for saving frequently used settings. The interface also alerts deli employees about routine care and maintenance requirements. The HS7-1PS automatic slicer can be programmed to operate until it reaches a select product weight — a function called SmartSlice™. 

What are some of the special features on the Portion Scale Slicers? 

Both slicer models include a stack function. The deli employee simply places a dividing paper between the meats or cheeses after they have been sliced, then presses the start button to resume slicing to the same weight. The slicer will stop when product weight reaches 10 pounds. 

What type of blades do the Portion Scale Slicers have? 

The HS6-1PS and the HS7-1PS slicers feature a 13-inch CleanCut™ knife with a cobalt alloy edge. This Hobart exclusive can last up to three times longer than ordinary knives and offers zero knife exposure during cleaning or sharpening. The knife also has a patented removable design, so it’s easy to clean.

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