RONKONKOMA, NY — Europastry has revamped the packaging design for its Rustica line of Italian traditional-style breads for both retail and foodservice. 

The colorful retail-ready packaging is presented in all of Rustica’s optionsCiabatta rolls in Asiago Cheese, Multigrain, Classic and Onion varieties and sausage buns and round bun varieties. 

Traditional and Modern Rustica is a range of high-quality Italian-style breads, which follow a centuries-long tradition of bread making. The authentic Italian recipes and preparation techniques are fully respected, to obtain bread of the utmost quality. This traditional preparation grants Rustica rolls and buns a special honeycombed crumb, and a crispy, thin crust, resulting in a light, tasty bread. 

The new packaging for the line is bright and colorful, and retailers have the option to personalize the bread with their own label. The clear bag showcases the rustic, artisanal quality of Rustica breads, with their light flouring on top. 

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