Most consumers don’t think of convenience items as healthy or good for the environment. But, with the launch of Panorama Organic’s new line of organic, grass-fed, all-beef, pre-cooked hot dogs, meatballs, and smoked sausages that’s about to change. All of the new products are non-GMO and come from U.S. ranches where animals are raised with no antibiotics or hormones and to the highest standards for humane animal welfare.

In addition, through Panorama Organic’s partnership with the National Audubon Society’s Conservation Ranching Program, every purchase supports bird-friendly ranching practices on Panorama’s one million acres of American grasslands. With 95 percent of grassland birds living on cattle ranches in the United States, and the bird population in steep decline, the initiative with Panorama Organic and the National Audubon Society is the largest of its kind and will have immense positive impact on the preservation of habitat for wild birds and other species of wildlife.


In the recent Power of Meat survey conducted by the Food Marketing Institute (FMI), 83 percent of consumers said they look for at least one of the “better for” options when buying meat and poultry: family health and wellness, the planet, farm workers, and animals. Twenty-eight percent of shoppers said they’re looking for easy-to-prepare items, and 24 percent are putting a bigger focus on health and nutrition. Panorama Organic’s new products check all the boxes, and they’re packed with flavor as well.

The meatballs, created by a seasoned culinary team, include panko, organic onions, garlic, brown sugar, sea salt, and pepper. They’re an easy-to-prepare addition to pastas, soups, sandwiches, or even homemade pizza.

The hotdogs, with their kid-friendly size, make two family favorites, mac and cheese or baked beans even more delicious. They also cook up quickly on the grill. Just add everyone’s favorite toppings for an easy mid-week dinner. The ingredients are simple: organic grass-fed beef, vinegar, a touch of organic raw cane sugar and honey, and a tantalizing assortment of organic spices.

The smoked sausage also makes for a delicious and easy meal. Grill them, bake them, or add them to soups and stews. The minimal ingredient list—organic, grass-fed beef, sea salt, organic black pepper, and organic garlic—delivers a full flavor profile to sausage connoisseurs as well as picky eaters, too.


All three of these case-ready, heat and serve products have been a big hit with Panorama Organic’s recipe developers and testers and will become a must-have for consumers who want something quick and easy as well as healthy, humane, and environmentally friendly in their refrigerators.  

As the focus on beef’s impact on the environment has led many people to think the only answer is alternative meat products, a well-run, pasture-based grazing program actually preserves and restores fragile ecosystems. Flexitarian consumers, whose numbers have almost doubled since 2019, are demanding healthy meats with a social responsibility halo: the promise of healing the earth, treating animals well, and preserving small communities right here in the USA. 

Panorama Organic is also committed to transparency, with the highest “5-steak” rating from the well-respected organic watchdog group, Cornucopia. And, a QR code on the package offers consumers an even greater level of comfort in their buying decisions. Whether it is scanned at the kitchen counter or retail shelf, the code provides instant information about Panorama Organic’s practices.


Panorama Organic and its network of U.S. family ranches is committed to four pillars as part of the 360-degree Promise: restoring the planet, caring for animals, vitalizing rural communities, and nourishing people. The new product line delivers on those four guiding principles and offers the conscious consumer an easy option for a good, healthy, easy meal and a way to support not only the land and the ranchers, but the connection between cows, birds, and land.

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