NEWARK, DEL. – The Produce Marketing Association’s new Online Fresh Ideas Showcase, where companies can share their innovative products and services, will be available for buyers to see the newest flavors and solutions.    

“Each year countless products, services and innovations are launched,” said Jamie Romano Hillegas, director of events at PMA. “We know that our members have incredible stories to share and buyers across the industry want to see and hear them. We are excited to provide an opportunity for our members to show how they’re taking our industry to the next level.”   

The 2021 Online Fresh Ideas Showcase will be a virtual destination featuring products, services and innovations viewable to all members of the industry including buyers. While any new product or service can be a part of the main showcase, there will be a variety of branded categories to highlight specific trends of interest to buyers:  

  • Certified Organic  
  • Floral  
  • On-The-Go: for products/services that make it easier for consumers to eat healthier while on-the-go or at home  
  • Packaging Innovations: for innovative packaging designs or sustainability efforts  
  • Technology Innovations: for new approaches to tackling food waste, food safety, traceability, logistical challenges, and more  

Those interested in participating need to apply by Oct. 29.  Participating companies will have individual company and product listings in the Showcase which will be promoted in dedicated buyer communications and through social media, press and upcoming Virtual Town Halls.   

The Virtual Town Halls will be held on Nov. 10 and Dec. 8and will invite a panel of buyers as they navigate and discuss fresh ideas of most interest to them and their businesses. The first Virtual Town Hall will focus on buyers of produce and those looking for business solutions, and the second in December will feature a presentation on the state of the floral industry. 

The Online Fresh Ideas Showcase comes after the cancellation of Fresh Summit, which was scheduled to take place in New Orleans in late October.  

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