KEASBEY, NJ – ShopRite has launched a private label, all-natural Bowl & Basket Fresh Chicken line. Whether shopping in-store or online, shoppers can enjoy over two dozen variations of high-quality Bowl & Basket Fresh Chicken offerings such as breasts, thighs, fillets, wings and drumsticks. 

ShopRite’s launch of Bowl & Basket Fresh Chicken marks a significant expansion of the supermarket’s private label poultry offerings in its fresh meats division. The chicken delivers the highest quality poultry offerings available, while also meeting heightened demand for added transparency and sustainability, according to the company .  

The antibiotic, steriod and hormone-free chicken is part of Wakefern/ShopRite’s Animal Welfare and Animal Care Program and is sourced in the USA.  

“We’re excited to launch this new product in our stores, and build on our long tradition of offering our customers fresh, high-quality poultry at amazing prices,” said Roger Savoia, vice president of the meat division at ShopRite. “We’re confident that this new line of chicken will become the new anchor brand of our fresh poultry portfolio.”  

Shoppers can find flavorful recipes available at by visiting The Recipe Shop. This free, recipe archive contains hundreds of cook-worthy chicken-based recipe ideas and allows users to download recipes and ingredients directly into their ShopRite from Home shopping carts.  

“Years in the making, the Bowl & Basket Fresh Chicken line will provide our customers with an easy, affordable way to create fast, tasty and healthy meals that they can feel good about serving their families,” said Pam Ofri, director of product development and operations, Own Brands at ShopRite. “We have listened carefully to our customers, and we know they want high-quality items, at the best possible value – and we’re committed to delivering on that promise.”