LONDON - Augmented reality (AR) and 3D creative platform Poplar Studio has partnered with Raydiant, an experience platform offering plug-and-play digital signage solutions, aiming to enhance and transform the in-store experience for retailers.  

With the new partnership, Raydiant’s digital screens in stores will display Poplar Studio’s AR and 3D virtual try-on technology. This will be enabled by “magic mirrors” or digital displays triggering AR experiences that allow shoppers to visualize products through AR. 

With this technology, retailers can combine the digital shopping experience with the physical shopping experience. As stores have a natural limited capacity for stock, the technology allows customers to engage with the full range in store.  

“The COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated a trend in physical store closures globally which started a few years ago, in parallel with the rise of e-commerce,” said David Ripert, co-founder and CEO of Poplar Studio. “Customers are now not only familiar with digital shopping but expect to use technology as part of their shopping habits, from product discovery through to conversion. Retailers need to transform their physical offering and adopt new digital tools like AR virtual try-ons and 3D product visualization, in order to appear innovative, while providing a shopping experience that is safe, practical and engaging. By partnering with Raydiant, Poplar Studio is proud to help retailers build the store of the future.”