Brill Inc. has created a 3D system to help chefs create customized, cutting-edge foods and drinks.

The Brill 3D Culinary Study is a full-color, professional-grade culinary 3D printing system, the result of a multi-year collaboration with 3D-printing pioneer 3D Systems.

“Our team at Brill has partnered with 3D Systems to develop a transformative tool for the culinary industry,” says David Nies, vice president of business development for Brill. “We are thrilled to provide chefs with this technology, which allows them to create anything they can imagine with the touch of a button.  And while the objects produced by the 3D Culinary Printer are truly remarkable, this amazing new technology allows us to offer a new customer solution that is low cost and easy to use.”

The new system includes the  Brill 3D Culinary Printer and software powered by 3D Systems technology, the Brill 3D Culinary Powder and Brill 3D Culinary Binder, all used in tandem to produce a wide array of full-color, life-like and edible 3D figures and embellishments.

Chefs can use their own design or select from a library of hundreds of 3D designs to mass-print smaller pieces such as cake decorations, confections and garnishes or print larger, statement pieces.

Through various 2019 test programs, chefs at casinos and restaurants experienced the capabilities of the Brill 3D Culinary Studio firsthand and provided real-time feedback to ensure that every aspect of the technology passed the exacting standards of commercial kitchens.

The Brill team will be showcasing the technology throughout the United States in 2020, with anticipated installations of the first 3D Culinary Studios in the summer.