IRON RIDGE, WIS. - PS Seasoning has introduced three new seasonings to its line of BBQ rubs, featuring a robust blend of spices and herbs formulated to enhance the flavor of proteins.  

“We wanted to build on the success of our 2020 rub launch,” said Ryan Johnson, director of sales and marketing for PS Seasoning. “We knew there were some classic flavors needed in the line, but we wanted to take them to the next level.”  

The new flavors are approachable with a gourmet twist to follow the year’s hottest flavor trends. 

The new varieties include a butter and herb blend made for beef steaks and roasts, a sweet competition-style rib rub and spicy-sweet hot honey chipotle.  

The seasonings are available for individual purchase at or in wholesale quantities. 

“We’re seeing comfort food flavors on the rise this year,” said Stephanie Neu, R&D manager for PS Seasoning. “Old-fashioned BBQ, steak and potatoes, all of those nostalgic, feel-good flavors are continuing to trend into 2021.”