Barry Callebaut Group, a leading manufacturer of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products, changed the face of the chocolate industry when it introduced a fourth type of chocolate - Ruby chocolate. The company’s groundbreaking Ruby chocolate was the first new natural color for chocolate in more than 80 years, and is described as an intense sensory delight, combining berry-fruitiness and luscious smoothness.

The chocolate has a pinkish hue, which along with its fruity flavor, comes from the Ruby cocoa bean. Barry Callebaut unlocks the flavor and color with a unique processing that doesn’t use berries, berry flavor, or added colors.

The unique fresh berry taste offers innovation ideas for the next generation of confectionery, bakery, ice creams and desserts. To help unlock the potential of this confection, the Chocolate Academy North America team has launched Volume I of Ruby Encyclopedia, a guide to everything chefs need to know about Ruby chocolate.

Officially launched on Monday, March 1, Ruby Encyclopedia is a multi-asset tool to help American and Canadian chefs explore and dive deeper into the possibilities of Ruby chocolate. Volume I presents 8 chapters and 47 innovative recipes that showcases unlimited combinations of flavors, textures and colors, allowing chefs to explore a new palette of applications never seen before. Exciting recipes include:

  • Dark Chocolate Brownie with pistachio and Ruby calletsTM topped with Ruby ganache
  • Ruby Coconut Choux
  • Ruby Marshmallows with blackcurrent
  • Pistachio Cookies topped with Ruby
  • Ruby Snacking Tablet with assorted spices, nuts, candied fruits, and/or dried fruits

Chefs, bakers and other food industry professionals can download both English and French versions of the Ruby Encyclopedia at Barry Callebaut’s website.