MADISON, WIS – The International Dairy Deli Bakery Association (IDDBA) is accepting registrations from individuals interested in taking the associations’ first-ever exam to become a Certified Salumiere, as part of IDDBA’s newly-released charcuterie certification program.  

Developed under the guidance and direction of some of the leading authorities on charcuterie, the Charcuterie Professional Certification: Salumiere is an exam geared toward establishing subject matter expertise in the sale and handling of charcuterie products in the retail food setting. Passing the exam will give an individual the ability to be a Certified Salumiere. 

“Charcuterie is rapidly growing in interest among today’s consumers, and retailers can play an important role as a source of charcuterie information and suggestions,” said Angela Bozo, education director at IDDBA. “The Charcuterie Professional Certification gives associates the knowledge needed to accurately and confidently answer shopper questions, assist them in selecting products, and help their companies grow a successful charcuterie program that drives consumer traffic and interest to the in-store deli.”  

The deadline to register is April 16. To learn more about the IDDBA Charcuterie Professional Certification, click here