OAKLAND, CALIF. – Belcampo Meat Co. has unveiled a bone broth subscription service available at its retail and foodservice locations. With the subscription, customers can pick up a large cup of bone broth a day throughout the month for $40.

The company markets the health benefits of its bone broths, which are handmade with organic chicken bones, grass-fed and finished beef bones and pasture-raised pork bones.

 “Our customers are extremely loyal to our bone broths, and with good reason—we’ve spent years perfecting recipes that create noticeable benefits for their wellness due to high amounts of bioavailable collagen,” said Anya Fernald, co-founder of Belcampo. “Bone broths have so many benefits – high protein, easy to digest, rich in collagen – it’s a product I am extremely proud of. We launched Bone Broth subscriptions for our power users and wellness warriors – it’s a convenient way for subscribers to get their daily dose of goodness.”

Belcampo said that one cup of its bone broth contains more protein than a chicken breast. Other common benefits noted about bone broth include, improving joint health; developing better hair, skin and nails; improving digestion; boosting immunity and promoting weight loss.

The company’s bone broth subscriptions are available in 30-day subscriptions for $40 and 90-day subscriptions for $100. The subscriptions allow customers unlimited in-store bone broth refills at any of Belcampo’s restaurants and butcher shop locations in California.

Belcampo is working to construct a supply chain that produces meat with Certified Humane, regenerative and climate-friendly farming practices.

The company raises many of its animals on company owned US Department of Agriculture Certified Organic farms in California using Certified Humane practices and regenerative farming techniques. It sources from partner farms that utilize the same guidelines.

Belcampo produces a variety of beef, poultry, pork and lamb cuts, whole cuts of beef such as Ribeye, New York Strip Steak and Tri-Tip, ground beef, pork and lamb, beef jerky, sausages, whole Cornish chickens, smoked bacon, eggs, salami, snacks and bone broths.