NOVI, MICH. - The Better Health Market & Café has released its predictions for health trends in 2021, focusing on sensible lifestyles built around immunity and wellness. 

Better Health Market predicts shoppers will seek out foods that support: 

  • Immunity Lifestyles  

  • Plant-Based Diets  

  • Anti-Inflammation Diets  

  • Mental Self Care  

  • Keto with Hormone Free Meats 

  • Low Sugar Diets  

According to the company, these eating styles will be supported by foods that include properties and ingredients like: 

  • Vitamin C – supports immune function. 

  • Vitamin D – supports immune system and fights bacteria and viruses. 

  • Zinc – supports immunity, resistance to infection, proper development for nervous system. 

  • Elderberry – research suggests elderberry may relieve symptoms of flu or other upper respiratory infections.