KALAMAZOO, MICH. - Fabri-Kal has launched a new line of Recycleware Containers, recyclable packaging made with a minimum of 20-50% post-consumer recycled (PCR) PET material. 

“Recycleware allows us to do more while consuming less raw materials. Our foodservice packaging made from post-consumer recycled PET bottles enables operators to show their commitment to the environment while displaying products in Recycleware Containers,” said Mike Roeder, president and chief operating officer, Fabri-Kal. “By using Recycleware Containers, your customers will understand that you are as committed to the future as they are.” 

Recycleware Containers are crystal-clear, durable and leak-resistant. The full product lineup includes: 

  • On-The-Go Boxes made with a minimum of 50% PCR PET. They’re ideal for grab-and-go snacks and food presentations surrounding deli counters to lure customers. These containers are available with stackable lids and fit well on shelves or in cold cases. Recycleware On-The-Go Boxes are great for pairing multiple food combinations. 

  • Round Deli Containers made with a minimum of 50% PCR PET. With one lid that fits most sizes, these containers can be custom printed, providing branding opportunities. Recycleware Round Deli Containers are durable, leak-resistant, and suitable for a variety of operations. 

  • Square Deli Containers made with a minimum of 50% PCR PET. These Square Containers maximize shelf space and are perfect for small delis and shelf displays. Available in five sizes with a choice of two leak-resistant lids, Recycleware Square Deli Containers are perfect for elevating shelf appeal and displaying products in retail environments. 

  • Dessert Containers made with a minimum of 20% PCR PET. The containers’ distinctive, stylish designs enhance the presentation of desserts and confections. Custom printing is available to feature brands.  

Fabri-Kal is a member of How2Recycle, a standardized labeling system that communicates recycling instructions to the public. The product packaging for all Recycleware Containers will display How2Recycle labels and instruct operators and consumers how to properly dispose of the containers.