Fabri-Kal continues to remain leaders in innovation and sustainability in packaging with the launch of their new AL?R On-The-Go Boxes. The durable, robust containers are carefully crafted to hold up in a variety of operations and perfected to fit customers’ on-the-go lifestyles.

One of the largest thermoformers in North America, Fabri-Kal’s customer base includes thousands of foodservice operators and dozens of consumer product manufacturers.

The new 32-ounce, 6’’ single cell AL?R On-The-Go Box comes with an outer-fit lid to enable heat-sealing of the food container. Boasting no flavor or odor transfer, lids are easy to open and close numerous times while maintaining the promise of freshness. The crystal-clear product will allow operators to create, display and sell a variety of meal and snack combinations through enhanced visibility and presentation. The stackable boxes also offer the option of customizable embossing.

“Versatility and a compact structure are hallmarks in packaging today,” said Mike Roeder, president and chief operating officer at Fabri-Kal. “As we continue to expand Fabri-Kal’s footprint in plastics thermoforming, we are pleased to offer customers the convenience they crave, while showcasing our longstanding commitment to the environment.”

AL?R, made out of PET, a #1 plastic, consists of 50% post-consumer recycled bottles. “Manufacturers like PET because it's safe, strong and versatile,” said Roeder. “We’re proud to produce packaging that’s as right for the planet as it is for a brand.”