KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – Johnsonville LLC has acquired PrimaBaguz, a manufacturer of halal meat products, from Ekuinas (Ekuiti Nasional Berhad), a private equity company owned by the Malaysian government.

Kuala Lumpur-based PrimaBaguz produces products including sausages, cold cuts, meatballs and patties to supply quick-service restaurants, hotels, caterers and wholesalers. The company employs 330 people at its facility in Kuala Lumpur, and produces more than 100 products for markets in Malaysia and 10 other countries.

“Our investment in PrimaBaguz allows us to expand our international footprint in Southeast Asia, particularly Malaysia,” said Michael Stayer-Suprick, president of Johnsonville’s international business. “With the country’s strong market share in the halal food manufacturing segment, we look to use PrimaBaguz’s capabilities to further penetrate markets looking for premium meats, both within Malaysia and in growing markets throughout Asia and the Middle East.”

The acquisition helps Johnsonville’s growth in Southeast Asia and its expansion into halal-certified meat products. It is Johnsonville’s third acquisition or joint venture in the Southeast Asian market. The company’s first international expansion was in 2015 when Johnsonville acquired controlling interest in QB Food Trading PTE Ltd. in Singapore. Next, in 2019, Johnsonville entered a joint venture agreement with Frabelle Foods in Manilla, Philippines.

Johnsonville employs approximately 3,000 people globally.