NEW YORK – New data from tech firm and content-to-commerce grocery expert Chicory indicates that shopping habits are starting to readjust after the hoarding behaviors caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Over the last two months, purchases of frozen and shelf-stable foods have increased substantially. But as consumers entered the first two weeks of May, when most states were beginning to ease or lift stay-at-home orders, Chicory observed higher sales of fresh fruit and protein ingredients on the shoppable recipe network. 

“For the first time since the coronavirus pandemic began to grip the nation and keep cooks and families stationed at home, we observed growth for fruit products,” said Hillary Reeves, vice president of marketing at Chicory. “Perhaps it’s the promise of warmer weather, but consumer content usage indicates that shoppers are feeling comfortable incorporating fresh fruits back into their shopping trips, something they halted when stay at home orders began. Strawberries showed the most growth during the first two weeks of May but avocados, one of the most negatively impacted ingredients at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, is seeing a notable rebound.” 

From April 27 to May 10 Chicory observed that fruit engagement for individual products up: 


Meat and protein ingredients saw mixed results: 


Meanwhile, shopping for pantry and freezer items took a steep downturn in the first two weeks of May: