MADISON, WIS. - Since March 19, Placon has produced over 15 million plastic face shield subcomponents, but the company was still hearing concerns about health care workers not having enough personal protective equipment (PPE). In response Placon created the Face Shield Alliance. 

“I reached out to some of my trusted peers in the industry and described our production process,” said Dan Mohs, chairman and chief executive officer of Placon. “We had already scaled up multiple facilities, so why not reach out externally and assist an alliance partner ramp up production.” 

Placon has formed an alliance with Portage Plastics and Paradis Plastics to get needed subcomponents for face shields to Ford Motor Company for assembly. 

“These companies have a great reputation for quality, and they were able to create additional capacity to aid the cause,” said Mohs. “The alliance helped us meet a common goal to make the world a safer place for healthcare workers and our communities.” 

Production is now up to 4.5 million units per week, with units shipping up to twice a day to keep up demand.