NEW YORK - The latest Nielsen Total US dollar sales data shows that grocery sales are still on the rise for the week ending on April 18 compared to the same timeframe in 2019. Total consumer packaged goods sales (CPG) in the United States were up 5.6%, online CPG sales were up 56% and online food sales overall were up 69.5%.   

Overall, sales are down from the previous week of April 11, which saw total instore CPG sales up 19.4% and online CPG sales up 59.1%. The week of April 18 was the first week after the Easter holiday, and spiral ham lost its place as a top-selling product. Instore, oat milk saw the top week-over-week growth followed by oat fresh meat alternatives and baking powder. Meat dropped down to the second top growing instore category, outmatched by the frozen department. 

The charts below break down Nielsen’s data by department and meat, dairy and alternatives: