FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. - For the last three decades, 70-year-old Becky Martz has collected over 21,000 Chiquita banana stickers that she’s pasted into a scrapbook. What began as a small hobby turned into a passion for Martz who has gone as far as Germany, Costa Rica and Ecuador in search of stickers to add to her collection. 

Earlier this year, before the coronavirus (COVID-19) rattled the United States, Martz had the opportunity to visit Chiquita’s headquarters and share tips on how to cultivate a new hobby — tips that the company is now sharing with customers for inspiration on family activities to do while people are stuck at home. 

“What started as a simple hobby in 1991 has grown into a lifelong passion,” said Martz. “My first sticker came from Chiquita’s ‘The Perfect Stocking Stuffer’ campaign, and over the years I have followed the brand’s journey of transforming its Blue Sticker into various limited-edition sticker series. Banana sticker collecting is a great activity for those looking to connect as a family, or with people all over the world, while at home since there is a story behind every sticker that can be shared.” 

Martz said that the stickers are easy to collect, and families can start their own collections from the stickers that are brought into their homes through bananas from the grocery store. She pointed out that it's easy for anyone to start a collection by displaying the stickers in a scrapbook or on a sticker sheet. Martz suggested sharing stickers with loved ones through social media or through a presentation via live video chats.  

“Chiquita recognizes that people everywhere are craving easy and entertaining at-home activities, and collecting banana stickers that each tell a unique story can be a fun way to keep busy and bond as a family, or stay connected with friends and fellow enthusiasts remotely,” said Tina Varjbedian, marketing manager for North America of Chiquita. “We have amassed a versatile collection of Chiquita stickers over the years and hope that our Blue Sticker inspires people of all ages to establish their own unique collections.” 

In addition to collecting tips, Chiquita is also offering families various simple activities such as games, banana recipes and coloring sheets that can be accessed through the brand’s homepage