Elkay Plastics, a provider of packaging to food and other industries, has rebranded.

Under its new brand name, LK Packaging, the company is committed to a strategy of “energizing the packaging supply chain with a wide range of readily available, state-of-the-art packaging solutions.”

In 2018, LK enlarged its food industry footprint with the acquisition of Red Rock Packaging, a leading maker of overwrap films for grocery distributors and food processors.

In 2019, LK introduced several unique food packaging solutions, and so far this year, the company has already introduced dozens of new packaging opportunities for supermarkets and foodservice establishments, including rigid containers and fully compostable options – both firsts in LK’s long history.

The refreshed brand, including a new look to its still-familiar logo, made its way to LK’s website this week, but began with more subtle changes more than a year ago.