Abe’s, the first and only nationally-branded vegan muffin company is continuing to grow its distribution footprint through Safeway’s Northeast stores.

Safeway, a subdivision of Albertsons started carrying Abe’s at its Denver, Colorado and select Northern California stores this past August. Abe’s products were an instant hit with Safeway’s customers, so the company decided to increase the number of regions carrying Abe’s “School-friendly” muffins.

Now, starting in late-January, Safeway’s 111 Northeast stores located across Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, and Washington D.C. will carry Abe’s Wild Blueberry Smash and Chocolate Chip 6-pack mini muffins. Jewel, another subdivision of Albertsons, has been selling Abe’s muffins at all of its 187 stores in the Chicago-land area since 2018.

Abe’s founders, Joseph and Marty Koffman, are excited to grow their distribution footprint in the conventional grocery space. The increased distribution points will allow Abe’s to reach a larger consumer base of families affected by food allergies who may not be aware of their brand and currently have no other option than to bake at home.

While natural supermarkets are early adopters of the latest trends, new products, and food news, conventional grocery chains often take more time to adapt to trends and innovations. Marty notes the fact that Safeway is keen on introducing Abe’s at its Northeastern stores is a huge step of progress, as it “indicates that mainstream grocery stores are increasingly recognizing the rise of food allergies and the need for school-friendly options.”