, a Chicago-based ethnic grocery ordering and delivery company, announced its entry into B2B grocery deliveries. Earlier this quarter, piloted a new wholesale category to cater to ever-increasing requests from restaurants to deliver groceries to them (link: plans to continue investing further in this space to simplify grocery ordering and deliveries for restaurants.

"All the restaurants that have reached out to us typically order groceries from four to five different suppliers on a weekly, and sometimes even daily basis. Each time the order is slightly different from the previous one. Restaurant operation managers and owners are spending roughly 10-15 hours on a weekly basis on just logistics," explained the founders of "Our customer friendly website, standard pricing and same-day delivery service solves most pain-points for these restaurants, so they can focus on what's most important to them — preparing delicious dishes for their customers and growing their business."

The service includes six restaurants and counting.

Hakka Bakka is the only Indian restaurant in Chicago serving kati rolls, an Indian wrap. "We go to great lengths to source ingredients and cook a meal that's authentic Indian and is devoid of any artificial flavoring or colors" said Kaushik Guha, founder and owner. "Ever since we started working with MyValue365, the constant pain of ordering groceries and planning deliveries with multiple vendors has become a thing of the past."

Moti Cafe is a new fast-casual Modern Indian restaurant in the heart of River North that serves delicious rice bowls, wraps, traditional street food and their Moticakes! According to the founders Jay Patel and Rushi Shah, "At Moti we always rely on providing high-quality ingredients in all of our food and being a new business with many moving parts, we are so happy to work with” offers a wide selection of authentic Indian, Mexican and American groceries and fast food on their website through partner stores.