Hothouse vegetable grower-shipper Pure Flavor is getting into the Christmas spirit to get the word out about its Mini Munchies veggie snack packs.

“This holiday season, something magical happened, even more magical than usual. At the North Pole, we were getting letters from kids but something was different. Instead of the remote-control cars, video games, or super dolls, it was all about the Mini Munchies,” Bernard, Head Elf at the North Pole, says in a video Pure Flavor released the week before Christmas.

With only a few more shopping days until Christmas, the elves are frantically putting the finishing touches on the items to be delivered. “Santa said he wants a couple of packs on the sleigh, he says they are the perfect on the go snack”, Bernard continues.

Mini Munchies are snack sized veggies that combine the best snacking products from Pure Flavor in two convenient formats:

  • Format 1: Juno Bites Red Grape Tomatoes, Aurora Bites Mini Sweet Peppers, and Poco Bites Cocktail Cucumbers, all packed in a convenient 4 oz themed bag.
  • Format 2: the new Mini Munchies Tomato Snack Pack that comes in a 12 oz (4 chamber) breakaway pack that is being launched this winter.

“When the phone rang and my call display said ‘The North Pole,’ I thought it was a prank, to be honest, but when I picked up and Bernard told me who he was and said he needed our help, we just couldn’t say no”, says Chris Veillon, Pure Flavor’s chief marketing officer. “The timelines were tight and very specific so we had to act fast. It’s not every day that you get that last-minute call from Santa’s Workshop so our team was up for the challenge.”

The video can be seen at