Fyffes North America is a Platinum winner in the 2019 Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award competition for its latest advertising campaign, “Easy to Eat, Easy to Pronounce.”

The campaign, which launched in North America this fall, aimed to show how easy and simple it was to pronounce Fyffes.

The “Easy to Eat, Easy to Pronounce” integrated campaign was intended to answer the challenge many people faced when seeing Fyffes’ blue label. While Fyffes has a strong brand recognition in Europe since its founding over 130 years ago, the Fyffes brand name has only become familiar in the US and Canada over the last few years, and many people are still wondering if they are saying the brand name the right way, according to the company.

“We wanted to take the wonder and curiosity around our brand name to create a playful and innovative campaign that would have the Fyffes name on everyone’s lips,” says Marion Tabard, Fyffes’ vice president of marketing in North America. “Winning a Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award is an exciting accomplishment as it requires a demonstration of proven results. We’re honored to receive this prestigious award; it’s a wonderful recognition of the success of the campaign.”

During the 2019 competition, judges analyzed over 1,400 submissions and selected only 6% to receive the top spots.