The Produce for Better Health Foundation is retooling its message in advance of the month celebrating fruit and vegetable consumption.

PBH is now calling September National Fruits and Veggies Month, a shortened version of its former name, National Fruits and Veggies – More Matters Month.

The organization is refining the title to elevate fruit and vegetable consumption as a national priority and to encourage a less-prescriptive approach when talking about and enjoying everyone’s favorite and flavorful plants – fruits and veggies.

PBH’s theme for the month, “Have A Plant – Food Rooted In A Better Mood,” ties directly to the association’s new behavioral science-based call-to-action, Have A Plant.

Through its research and consumer insights platform, PBH further established Americans’ need for creative, yet simple advice to help them enjoy more fruits and vegetables each day. The new consumer movement, Have A Plant, aims to inspire Americans with actionable, realistic and fun steps to connect eating fruits and vegetables with feeling happier and healthier.

“We know many industry stakeholders and consumer-facing influencers look forward to September as a prime time to focus on categorically promoting fruits and vegetables to consumers, ultimately for the public good, and this year, PBH has an invigorating story to share with the new Have A Plant™ Movement,” says Wendy Reinhard Kapsak, registered dietitian and PBH’s president and CEO. “The time is now to celebrate food rooted in a better mood with everyone’s favorite plants – fruits and veggies.”