Madison, Wisconsin-based Placon was recently awarded three AmeriStar Awards from the Institute of Packaging Professionals. The AmeriStar Awards are an annual award given to the best packaging design within the 27 judging categories.

Placon won awards in the Household category with its PACKOCK Bi-Fold Clamshell; the Medical Device category with its ORTHOFIX Medical Tray; and the Saves Food category with its HomeFresh Entree.

"Our design team continues to lead the industry to innovative packaging design in the retail, food and medical markets," says Dan Mohs, Placon's chairman and CEO. "The 2019 AmeriStar awards validate this leadership and serve as reminder that packaging breakthrough is a result of collaboration with customers. We are helping our customers find new packaging solutions that bring long-term success for their products and brands."

The HomeFresh Entree is designed to stack neatly to avoid tipping over. It also features a leak resistant lid, vented or non-vented lid options and it is microwavable. Simply microwave, wash and reuse.