Food packaging leader Placon was the winner of three packaging design awards at the annual Society of Plastics Engineers conference in Milwaukee Sept. 9-11.

Placon’s award winners included the ORTHOFIX® Medical Tray (Gold Award Winner – Industrial Packaging Category), PACLOCK Bi-Fold Clamshell (Silver Award Winner – Industrial Packaging Category) and Placon’s HomeFresh® Entrée product line (Silver Award Winner – Food Packaging Category).

The ORTHOFIX® Medical Tray has features to suspend a set of medical device screws with HA coating that prevents abrasion or rubbing off the critical coating that needs to be on each screw for proper medical operating room usage. The high level of difficulty and precision make this package truly one-of-a-kind that meets a solution for the customer as a result.

The PACLOCK Bi-Fold Clamshell allows PACLOCK to have 100% more space to hold graphic and product information within the package. More product information allows the end customer to read and learn about the product prior to purchase, which will increase point of sale by having more information at the customer fingertips.

HomeFresh® Entrée is perfect for prepared meals and meal prep solutions. Designed to stack neatly, to avoid tipping over and causing a mess for the end user. It also features a leak resistant lid, vented or non-vented lid options and is microwavable.

“2019 has been a great year for Placon,” says Dan Mohs, Placon’s Chairman and CEO. “Being able to highlight our design capabilities, combined with the innovation our team brings to the packaging industry, it’s truly a pleasure to be a part of such a great group of people.”