H-E-B has opened its long-awaited Eastside Tech hub, the San Antonio-based retailer's state-of-the-art East Austin, Texas office for its team of locally based H-E-B Digital employees. The facility is also the new headquarters for Favor, the on-demand delivery company that is a wholly-owned subsidiary of H-E-B.

"Having a shared space like this is crucial to both H-E-B Digital and Favor's rapid growth," says Jag Bath, H-E-B chief digital officer and Favor CEO. "The Eastside Tech Hub enables us to have a strong tech presence in both Austin and San Antonio, while fostering a better connection between our teams across the two cities."

The two-story, open office concept offers dynamic work spaces and is equipped with advanced technology. In order to foster collaboration between its San Antonio and Austin-based employees, H-E-B will provide shuttle rides between the two cities on Wi-Fi enabled buses throughout the work week.

"As a digital retail leader, this dynamic workplace reflects our commitment to better serve our people and communities. Investing in our schools and children allows us to help build the next generation of technology innovators right here in Texas," says Bath. 

The Eastside Tech Hub will initially house hundreds of Favor team members and H-E-B Digital Partners, with room to grow as both companies continue further investing in their teams to drive digital innovation. H-E-B Digital, in Austin and San Antonio, and Favor are both actively hiring across all areas of expertise, including product management, product design and software engineering.