Most of Rick Goodman's speech on Sunday at IDDBA '19 revolved around family -- his own, the family of IDDBA Chairman and close friend Rick Findlay, and what Goodman referred to his extended family in the industry as a whole.

Goodman was presented with the 2019 Chairman's award during the opening of the show in Orlando, Florida.

"I feel so fortunate to be associated with a family like this," Goodman said. "This makes me feel humble ... and remember all the people who have taught me things over the years."

Goodman has been involved in the food industry his entire career and held numerous positions with ConAgra, Smithfield, Monogram Foods, and now, within the last month, Eddy Packaging. He served on the Board of Directors at IDDBA and was the Chairman in 2007.

IDDBA says the Chairman’s Award recognizes those who put in a lifetime of service and dedication to the industry and have led with vision and commitment.