Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin-based Good Foods Group LLC sells guacamole, salsa, plant-based dips, rBST-free dairy dips, juices and dressing in the fresh produce sections of grocery stores.

Danyel O’Connor, executive vice president of sales and marketing, describes Good Foods Group as “a produce-forward company,” perfect for the fresh produce section because so many of its products are produce-heavy or complement fresh-cut vegetable products.

But produce isn’t the only perimeter department where Good Foods Group is making its mark.

“We also have many customers who prefer to face their premium guacamole and dips in the deli department,” O’Connor says. “To help elevate deli offerings we also make flavorful, clean, safe chicken salad with fresh veg and herb ingredients.”

Good Foods Group also is currently introducing its Service Deli suitcase of Guacamole, Avocado Pulp, Avocado Mash and Hummus to support the many requests it has received for premium items for Service Deli application. 

In an exclusive Q & A, O’Connor addressed other topics that are top of mind for Good Foods Group.


How has your product line grown in recent years?

We have really come into our own as a business.  We recognize who we are and what our core competencies are.  We make beautiful, clean foods that taste amazing and are comprised of simple responsibly sourced ingredients.

  1. Our Tableside guacamole line has been invigorated by the addition of a new singles serve format and the Avo Mash. The Avo Mash is masterfully formulated with a bright flavor and a hint of citrus — just our hand scooped hass avocado pulp with lime, sea salt and black pepper. It’s the perfect way to start any day.
  2. This past year we introduced a line of delicious premium (but accessibly priced) plant- based dips that check so many boxes it will make your head spin – they are truly inclusive, and everyone loves them: health seekers, traditional consumers, vegan, paleo and flexitarian alike.    
  3. We reserved the release of our service deli offering for the IDDBA.  We heard our customers and are so pleased to be answering their consumer demands for Guacamole, Avocado Pulp, Avocado Mash, and Hummus.
  4. In July we are releasing our revised salad dressing program featuring three dairy-based dressings and three plant-based dressings with as much shelf and consumer appeal as our plant-based dips.   We are going to be bringing clean, simple and delicious to the dressing set in beautiful, tasty, accessible ways.  


What drives demand for GFG products?

Flavor is king.  We focus on delicious, vibrant flavors.  We focus on clean ingredients with simple ingredients that are responsibly sourced.   Our customers are loyal because they trust us, they trust our quality and feel good sharing our products with their families and friends.  After all, we are a family owned business that takes immense pride in the good food that we bring to peoples’ tables. Our team believes in the Good Foods Mission: To ease the minds and lives of consumers everywhere with our simple, safe, delicious food.    


What separates you from other suppliers in the retail perimeter space?

Our commitment to fresh vibrant flavors and, unsurpassed consistent quality, all delivered with clean simple ingredients and made safe through the harnessing of cold pressure.  People feel good about serving Good Foods.

We look forward to sharing what we have learned as leaders and innovators in fresh, clean foods.   We just launched a newsletter for our partners and we encourage people to sign up. It’s called “The Scoop” and it features hand scooped news curated by our GFG team. It can be found at