The new ClubRATIONAL has been online since January. The interactive platform for all professional chefs is full of new suggestions, useful functions and is particularly user-friendly and intuitive.



There is much to discover for ClubRATIONAL members at right now. "We have included ratings for new recipes, which Club members can review, add to or share with colleagues on Facebook and Twitter," explains Elke Voss, communications expert at Rational.



Another novelty is that members can collect their favorite recipes in cookbooks. "This helps our Club users find their personal favorites quicker," says Ms Voss. Users can now choose from more than 3,000 recipes. That is twice as many compared to six months ago.



Club members can still also upload their own recipes. There are now even reward points, called badges, for doing so. The more active a Club user is, the more badges they receive. For example, there are also badges for new Club members, RATIONAL CookingLive invitations and users can register to participation in a free one-day Academy RATIONAL seminar.



Registering is now much simpler. Anyone who wants to join ClubRATIONAL now only needs to provide a name, an e-mail address and set a password. "It's even easier for Facebook users," says Ms Voss and adds: "They can register via their Facebook account with a single click."



For those who do not want to spend too long clicking on too many links can now view all Club content, which is summarized on a "Discover" page. Every day, users will always find new tips, information, recipes or videos about Rational and professional kitchens.



"This mainly appeals to those who want to browse around in the Club when out and about," reports Ms Voss. "For them, we have also optimized the view so that they can orientate themselves around our Club even quicker from their smartphones or tablets." From March the relevant app will also be available.



ClubRATIONAL is available in eleven languages and is the internet platform for professional chefs worldwide with almost 50,000 members.