is the a new discount food marketplace and search engine that provides easy access to the restauranteurs, bakers, caterers, farmers, fishermen and food manufacturers, large or small. The goal is to provide a place that helps food purveyors market and showcase their establishments, as well as food products at discount rates to meet the public's demand for high quality, fairly priced dining experiences and food products.

The benefit to consumers and sellers is two-fold. First, the consumer has a world-wide, discount dining and marketplace experience at their fingertips.

Consumers can register for Goodgrubbs and gain access to numerous restaurants/eateries or purchase food items on the Goodgrubbs World-wide Marketplace. For guaranteed discounts at restaurants/eateries, consumers can purchase the Goodgrubbs Dining Card for use at participating restaurants offering discounts from 5% and up.

In addition to discounts at restaurants, all registered Goodgrubbs members get a 5% discount at the Marketplace, with GG Dining Card Members receiving an additional discount above the already guaranteed 5%.

For sellers, it's all about free advertising and access to millions of consumers. Every restaurant/eatery owner and/or food producer may register on Goodgrubbs free of charge. Sellers wishing to sell their goods on the Goodgrubbs Marketplace can easily set up a My Goodgrubbs Seller Storefront for free. Advertising and selling through equals results because of increased customer volume and loyalty, as well as brand expansion and exposure.

The beta has launched. If you are a restaurant/eatery, bakery, caterer, farmer, fishermen, farm stand, food stand or food truck owner interested in offering a discount to Goodgrubbs cardholders, please register at