Ride-share leader Uber has grocery store delivery in its sights.

At Vanity Fair magazine’s New Establishment Summit Oct. 9, Uber’s CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, said that given the success of the company’s Uber Eats restaurant delivery business, grocery is a natural next step, according to a Yahoo! Finance story.

“With Eats, we’re getting into the business of moving food around,” Khosrowshahi is quoted as saying. “I think that this product of delivering great quality food to you at home in 30 minutes or less is magical and is going to move into grocery in a way that’s fundamental and a lot more people are going to be eating at home.”

Earlier this year, Uber teamed up with Walmart to test out grocery delivery, according to the story. The initiative, originally billed as an ambitious move to take on Amazon, was scrapped after just three months.

Uber Eats has generated more than $6 billion in bookings, according to the story.