SAN FRANCISCO — A Scottish producer of vegetable-based chutneys is introducing its products to the U.S.

Arbroath, Scotland-based Mrs. Bridges showcased four of its Mackays brand chutneys at the Specialty Food Association’s Winter Fancy Food Show Jan. 21-23. While sweet chutneys have long been sold in the U.S., savory chutneys made with vegetables are an untapped market, says Ryan McCue, a Mrs. Bridges export executive.

“It opens up usage ideas — cheese, meats, salads, dips, salads, even pizza,” McCue says. “Once consumers try them, the feedback is real positive.”

Three Mackays vegetable chutneys are now being marketed in the U.S.: Sweet Beetroot & Red Onion, Sun Dried Tomato & Smoked Chili and Caramelised Red Onion with Chili.

An October trial of the chutneys at Kroger stores in the U.S. went well, McCue says. Fairway Market, Bristol Farms and other high-end grocers are currently carrying them, he says.