Emmi Roth USA took home a total of seven awards at the 2013 American Cheese Society Competition in Madison, WI, including a prestigious first place award for their flagship Roth Grand Cru Reserve in the American Made/International Style Open, Made from Cow’s Milk category.

Grand Cru Reserve is a classic washed rind Alpine-style cheese that is hand-crafted in traditional copper vats and carefully cured on wooden boards. Select wheels are chosen by Roth cellar masters for additional aging, 6 to 8 months, to create a robust flavor with earthy and nutty undertones.

Emmi Roth USA continued its tradition of success in the Hispanic & Portuguese Style Ripened Cheese category. Roth GranQueso Reserve won second place, and third place was a tie between Roth GranQueso Original and Roth GranQueso Double Aged. GranQueso, a Wisconsin original crafted from cow’s milk, has taken home awards in this category for ten years in a row. 

Additional Emmi Roth USA award winners were:

  •          Roth Petite Swiss, second place 
  •          Roth Reduced Fat Havarti, third place
  •          Roth Dill Havarti, third place

 “With a record 1,794 different cheeses and 257 companies entered in this year’s competition, winning seven awards in five different categories is an accomplishment reflecting our cheesemakers’ and cellar masters’ commitment to consistency, quality and taste,” says Steve Millard, president and CEO of Emmi Roth USA. “At the heart of this loyalty lies our passion for American specialty cheese, and we are honored to share this with our customers.”