Albertsons Companies announced this week the addition of the "Top 5 by 2022" sushi commitment to its Responsible Seafood Program.

As part of the its efforts to advance the sustainability of the extensive seafood offerings at the company's 2,300-plus stores, Albertsons says it is making a public commitment that guarantees its sushi will be sourced sustainability and responsibly. 

The commitment is focused on ensuring the top five wild and farm-raised seafood species for sushi will meet the company's strict Responsible Seafood Policy by the end of 2022. It lays out plans to transition tuna, farmed salmon, species of whitefish used for imitation crab, and farmed shrimp to responsible sources. The company also said it pledges to discontinue the sale of eel until sustainable sources become available. 

The commitment means that frequently used sushi ingredients will meet at least one of three requirements:

  • Rated Greed (best choice) or Yellow (good alternative) but the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch program
  • Certified to an equivalent environmental standard
  • Sourced from fisheries or farms making measurable and time-bound improvements

“Sushi represents a large and growing opportunity for retailers to affect positive change in seafood sustainability,” says Lori Dupre, Albertsons director of retail support, deli prepared food. “We’re proud to be a leader and help start this transformation that will maintain the viability of various fish species and their ecosystems.”