The muffin category saw a decent increase across the country over the past year. Total weekly sales across the United States rose from $587 to $626 per store, according to Nielsen data. Total contribution of muffins to bakery department sales across the U.S. rose from 4.8 to 5.1 percent.

Each region saw increases in both contribution to bakery department sales and average weekly sales per store. The Central and East regions both saw .4 percent increases in contribution to bakery sales. The East’s average weekly sales per store increased from $1,062 to $1,146.

Four-count muffins comprised more than half (51 percent) of total US share by sub-category. Mini muffins were at 16 percent and one-count/bulk muffins were at 15 percent.

Like last year, muffin sales were fairly even throughout the year, with small spikes in October and May, and a dip in early January.