Emmi Roth USA has introduced Roth® 6th Pan Ready™ Pouches, a new alternative to bulk packaging for cheese crumbles and shreds. The innovative pre-portioned pouches are designed to be emptied or placed directly into a standard foodservice four-inch 6th pan, offering the food service industry increased convenience and improved food safety.

The Roth® 6th Pan Ready™ Pouches eliminate the need to reseal and re-label larger bags of opened cheese, decreasing the chance for contamination and shrink, which may result when opened bags are improperly stored. The pre-portioned pouches also keep the product fresher longer and increase shelf life since the product remains sealed until it is needed. 

“Roth® 6th Pan Ready™ Pouches are an industry-leading packaging innovation for the foodservice and foodservice at retail industries,” said Steve Millard, president and CEO of Emmi Roth USA. “Our new packaging technology allows Emmi Roth to share its specialty cheese in the freshest way possible while giving our customers a more convenient way to use our product.” 

Roth® 6th Pan Ready™ Pouches are available in four premium Roth® cheese varieties:

Grand Cru® Original – Shreds: An Alpine-style classic inspired by the cheesemaking traditions from the Roth family’s homeland, Grand Cru® has a smooth and mellow flavor with light floral notes.

Buttermilk Blue® – Crumbles: A tangy yet mellow blue cheese crafted with raw milk for the creamiest taste and texture.

Buttermilk Gorgonzola – Crumbles: An Italian-style blue with an assertive, piquant flavor and a complex, peppery finish.

Goat Cheese – Crumbles: This classic goat cheese is fresh and mild with a tangy hint of citrus.