DGF Royal, part of ifiGourmet, recently rolled out four new products, including chocolate icing, cocoa powder, and a pair of spreads.

The company’s new Glacage Express: Extra Noir is a dark chocolate icing with an intense black color, balanced and delicate flavor and a smooth, glossy texture. It comes ready-to-use in 6.6-pound pails and can be used on cakes, plated desserts, pastries, cream puffs and ice cream.

The Extra Noir powder is an alkalized dark cocoa powder, also with an intense black powder. It carries a slightly bitter taste and aroma and can be used to flavor ganache, in pastries and creams or as decoration.

Also introduced were two spreads: Pistachio Praline Royaltine and Praline Royaltine. The pistachio iteration includes white chocolate, almonds, hazelnuts and crushed biscuits and is ideal for chocolate and pastries. The Praline Royaltine includes a milk chocolate base.