SALINAS, CALIF. — Inteligistics has updated its InteliView data management platform that can make FSMA 204 compliance more efficient.

“InteliView traces fresh product up-and-down the supply chain, and includes integration with temperature sensors, ERP/WMS and Voice Pick systems,” said Rao Mandava, Inteligistics’ CEO and Chairman. “now, with just a GTIN and Lot or Batch number, companies can generate a fully compliant FSMA 204 traceability report in a matter of seconds.”

The InteliView Data Platform utilizes data from a wide variety of sources and third-party sensors and recorders, the company said. By providing customizable data in real-time, companies can be more efficient and reduce required labor for traceability reporting.

“There has been a lot of talk and attention to FSMA 204, but as we get closer to the January 2026 FSMA 204 compliance date, companies have been striving to develop or find a working solution,” said Gary Fleming, Inteligistics’ technology and compliance consultant. “Because InteliView tracks orders, pallets, cases and shipments throughout the supply chain from the farm to the retail store – including last mile voice pick solutions — we are able to instantly provide the required Key Data Elements (KDEs) and Critical Tracking Events (CTEs) in a streamlined, downloadable report with a single mouse click.”

“The One-Click FMSA 204 report is a game changer,” Mandava said. “But the real value of InteliView is giving companies insight into their supply chain by generating, and integrating existing, disparate data sources into a single platform. This allows companies to increase efficiency and achieve gains by score carding internal and external operations, optimizing inventory and shelf life, reducing waste, and improving profits.”