TORONTO — Grocery retail fresh software platform Invafresh has hired Andrew Cron, PhD, as its chief data officer.

According to Invafresh, Cron’s most recent role was senior vice president, chief scientist for 84.51˚, Kroger’s retail data science, insights, and media company.

Invafresh said Cron directed a 100-member cross functional team comprising of researchers, data scientists and engineers; built and led the R&D vision and strategy for Kroger’s data analytics and data monetization subsidiary; and enhanced Kroger’s in-store and supply chain operations and CPG partner product performance.

“I am excited to join the Invafresh team as this is a pivotal time to be in grocery retail technology given the applicability AI has in addressing industry-wide challenges,” Cron said. “I look forward to partnering with our customers around the world to transform AI technology into tangible business solutions that will help optimize their fresh food operations.”

“AI technologies are revolutionizing the way grocery retailers operate, enabling them to streamline supply chains, enhance customer experiences, drive labor efficiencies, reduce food waste and use technology to guide and accelerate decision making,” said Tim Spencer, chief executive officer at Invafresh. “Invafresh is at the forefront of accelerating the AI transformation of fresh food retail operations worldwide and I look forward to Andrew’s leadership in strengthening our capabilities in this area to deliver meaningful value to our customers.”