Bakers are looking to replace or remove eggs from cakes for a variety of reasons, including to accommodate the rise in plant-based diets, control costs or create an allergen-free product. 

“As consumers seek out solutions that match their personal health values and preferences, Ardent Mills proprietary data found that last year, vegan and plant-based dietary habits were expected to grow by more than 70%,” said Laurie Scanlin, principal scientist at Ardent Mills.

Bakers are looking to create better-for-you versions of foods to assist consumers with their health goals, said Jennifer Stephens, vice president of marketing, Fiberstar Inc.

“Removing egg reduces the cholesterol and saturated fat content of the baked good, assuming healthier ingredients are being incorporated to add back the functionality,” she explained. “For instance, when Citri-Fi citrus fiber is used to partially reduce eggs, it contributes dietary fiber to the nutritional label. So, using this egg reduction solution not only reduces cholesterol, saturated fat and caloric content but also increases the fiber contribution.”

Some bakers are interested in extending the shelf life of dry blends that contain egg-related ingredients, said Yanling Yin, director, bakery applications, Corbion. She pointed out that some are responding to consumer concerns about animal welfare and sustainability as well as creating vegan or plant-based product applications.

In 2022 and 2023, the skyrocketing price of eggs hit bakers hard, so many are still trying to reduce their dependence on them.

“Egg prices have historically been low with a rise in price whenever bird flu hits the region,” said Dana Duwe, senior application technologist, AB Mauri North America. “The price typically comes back down in just a few months, as it takes new chickens to start laying again. However, the last rise in price took longer than typical to subside. Customers want stability in pricing and to know what to expect. Many customers also have ESG goals to either reduce energy consumption or switch to cage-free eggs.”

Scanlin also pointed out that many states are mandating cage-free eggs, which could further push prices higher.